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You’ll find plenty of choices when searching for window coverings, many of which have little concern for the environment. Most concerned homeowners will be looking for products that are not only aesthetic, adding value to both the appearance and to the actual value of their home, but also practical. The Plantation Shutter Company is totally committed to environmental conservation, and has been since the company was founded in 1987. One of our initiatives is GreenView, which includes a variety of ideas. You’ll find that our products are made from natural materials and are designed to control interior temperatures.

Recycling – Wherever possible, our window treatments either include recyclable material or are themselves completely recyclable. Our Polywood® shutters, for example, are completely recyclable and also contain 20% of recycled organic content. The Plantation Shutter Company goes one step further. If you have installed Polywood window treatments, and at some time in the future decide to redecorate, we will pick up the old shutters and recycle them; thus preventing them from ending up in a landfill. This is a service that, to the best of our knowledge, is not offered by any other window treatment company.

Non-toxic Materials – The paint used in our finishes has been tested as being safe for the environment. No fumes are emitted into the environment during our manufacturing procedure.

Durability - The Plantation Shutter Company specifically recommends and uses products that have an extremely long life-span. These products are not influenced by the weather, or by large changes in temperature or humidity. Our Polywood® shutter is manufactured with UV inhibitors in both the wood composite and the exterior finish, so are shielded from harmful rays. They also last longer than any other shutter.

Polywood shutters - The Plantation Shutter Company’s shutters, and in particular the Polywood® range of shutters, have been subjected to tests by numerous agencies and have been proven to have an excellent thermal shielding-especially when fitted with weather-stripping side pieces-which both seal the shutter edges and block more light and temperature passage than any other shutter. Using Polywood® shutters is a sure way of reducing your energy bill.

Energy Tax Savings on Your New Shutters

SAVE ENERGY - The Polywood® Shutter Insulating System has been designed for energy savings. Polywood® was also created to reduce heat loss or gain in a home or building. The Polywood® material is engineered to reflect outside temperature. Unlike typical shuters, Polywood® has weather stripping on the vertical stiles that interlock to block out heat gain/loss better than other shutters. This weather stripping reduces outside airflow from the room. The Polywood® Shutter Insulating System has been tested and proven to reduce heat transfer and significantly improve the R Value, U Factor, and Solar Heat Gain of any window.