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Living in the Carolinas, your home is exposed to a lot of different weather elements. Make sure your home is protected with the right window covering from Shutter Of The Strand's custom window shades. Our custom shades are built not only to perfectly match your windows but are also made to complete your home's overall appearance. Our wide variety of shades makes it easy for our customers to find the perfect shade for their windows and homes. Learn more about our custom window shades, and contact our team today!

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Roman Shades

When it comes to Roman shades, the main technical difference lies in how the shade rests. Similar to other designs, the Roman shade stacks up on itself as you open it. When you close your shade, you’ll have a smooth, uniform fabric over your window. The benefit of this is twofold: you can have complete privacy when closed, but when you have company over or need to brighten things up, you can open a shade that is designed to bring depth and dimension to the room.

Like many homes in the south, especially older ones, the appeal of Roman shades is a timeless one. The rest of the world can change around them, but these shades are always in fashion. With a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and materials, you can find one to match your home.

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Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a modern solution to give your home some relief from the summer heat. Designed with the intention of lessening heat transfer, these shades offer supreme practicality while still providing ample options for many different styles of decor. While all shades can help lower the temperature in your home, Cellular shades do more than just block out light from the sun, which is where most of the benefits come from with Roman and other shades. These shades are truly revolutionary for anyone trying to lower heating and cooling costs.

Windows and doors make up much of a home’s thermal loss, whether that be losing heat in the winter or losing cold air in the summer. When air inside a room hits the windows, it heats up or cools down and then circulates around your home. Cellular shades help prevent this by trapping hot or cold air and providing a barrier between the window and the rest of the air in the room. In addition to the benefits of your typical cellular shades, ours come in a large variety of colors, in cell sizes ranging from 7/16” to 12/16”, and with a motorized option for additional convenience.

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Woven Wood Interior Shades

Woven Wood shades have increased in popularity over the last decade or so, and for good reason. These shades provide a natural look, added privacy, and more filtered light then you’d receive with most fabric-based shades or cellular shades. With the right design hand, they can lend themselves to rustic, beachy, and modern themes and more.

While many people typically think of bamboo shutters when they hear Woven Wood shutters, Shutters of The Strand offers a variety of materials that offer the same benefits and a variety of looks, including reeds, grasses, and a range of other natural fibers. If needed, we can even add custom blackout liners and motorization to our Woven Wood shades.

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Roller Shades

Roller shades are a great option for anybody who wants to be able to cover their windows when needed, but who don’t intend them to be a centerpiece of their design. As opposed to something like a roman shade, that adds depth and dimension to your room when raised, these shades do a good job of fading into the background when not in use. They simply roll up neatly at the top of the shade, taking up a minimal amount of the space, both physically and visually.

At Shutters of the Strand, we have an exclusive selection of roller shades that come in a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns. Ranging from sheer to dense, we have options to match both your privacy needs and the aesthetic design of your home.

Picking the Best Materials For Your Window Shade

Determining what window shade you want is paramount for creating the look you want, capturing the light you desire, and meeting your energy efficiency needs. Depending on these factors, it’s important to take your shade material into consideration as well for the best results. If you’re debating about the best material for the shades in your home, then the information from our experts below should help you sort out which fabric, wood, or synthetic material would be best for you.

Off White Fabric Shades

Choosing The Right Fabric For Your Shades

When it comes to fabric blinds, much of your decision making process should be centered around the color and density of the fabric that you’d like, as fabrics don’t make as much of a difference in temperature control as other materials. Fabric curtains can add depth and texture to your space, creating a more warm and inviting environment. Depending on your desired density, they provide just as much privacy as other materials as well. So if you’re not as worried about your energy costs and are striving for elegance, then fabric shades may be the way to go.

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The Benefits of Woven Wood Shades

Woven Wood shades provide a combination of privacy and natural light that other shades just can’t match. Unlike fabric or synthetic shades, light can filter through wood woven shades without losing too much ambiance. While light will be allowed into your home based on the level of thickness you choose, the view inside your home will still be completely obstructed from the outside. Whereas if you were to go with a fabric option, you’d lose lighting as you increase your privacy. For those who enjoy their privacy and the benefits of natural light, Woven Wood shades are second to none.

Once you have selected the design of the shutter you want, deciding the right material is important as determining the energy-saving prospects of your Woven Wood shades. Some materials to consider include:

  • Uncoated Wood: Sleek design, but could freeze or soak from harsh weather, which not only degrades the material but lowers its ability to block the elements.

  • Aluminum: Popular, but absorbs both heat and cold which could lead to freezing and decaying over time.

  • Polymer Composite: The Shutter Of The Strands special material, where you never have to worry about your shutters freezing, decaying, or absorbing the heat and cold from outdoors.

fabric blinds

The Benefits of Synthetic Shades

Roller and cellular shades, among many others, are commonly made with synthetic materials. While synthetic materials can look a little less elegant than other options, they serve their purpose more than other materials. Synthetic materials are the best choice for prioritizing privacy and temperature control.

With our Polywood Shutters, you’ll get shutters that:

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Reduce Heat Transfer

Save on heating costs by preventing the possibility of heat transfer from your windowpane

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Block UV Rays

Keep sunlight from warming up your home.

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Increase Privacy

Keep wandering eyes out of your home.

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At Shutter Of The Strands, we know how unbearably hot it can get in the South. We are committed to providing elegant custom window shades to protect your home from the sun. Not only do our window shades lower your cooling bill, but they can also become a nice piece of design that ties your whole space together. Check out our gallery of window styles below to find the shades that work and look the best for your home!

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Grassie Shades

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