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Vinyl Shutters vs. Polywood Shutters

Are you ready to update the look of your home with shutters? The first step is to do some research. A reliable shutter company like Shutter of the Strand will provide you with all you need, from what you need to know before starting to the pros and cons of different types of plantation shutters.

Similar to flooring and kitchen countertops, you have many options when it comes to choosing door and window shutters. Shutter of the Strand specializes in both traditional wood and highly durable Polywood® shutters. With over 35 years of experience in the shutter industry, we’ll be happy to assist you in choosing the right ones for your home.

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What You Need to Know About Vinyl Shutters

Most of the shutter products utilizing vinyl are misquoted as faux wood products. The plastic look of vinyl and the smooth exterior is challenging to match to décor styles and is different from other real wood or faux wood products. Though they might be among the most affordable, vinyl shutters offer the least durability among non-wood treatments.

Heat also affects vinyl easily. It is not unusual to come across vinyl shutters that have melted or discolored due to prolonged sun exposure. Also, because they often crack or warp, their energy-efficiency capabilities are drastically reduced.

Advantages of Vinyl Shutters

  • Most affordable among all other non-wood shutters

  • Ideal for smaller window sizes

Disadvantages of Vinyl Shutters

  • Made of plastic-looking, flimsy materials

  • Reduced energy efficiency

  • Usually tend to discolor, crack, or warp

Image of white shutters on the outside of a window on a house with a light grey wall

Are Polywood Shutters Better?

Polywood shutters are created from a durable exuded compound of faux wood that never chips, fades, or warps. Its exclusive formula provides it with a real wood-like feel, though with a density to repel moisture. To enhance their durability even more, our team adds UV inhibitors into the mixture of faux wood so your shutters can remain looking just as good as the day you bought them.

The unique structure of Polywood is what makes it last longer and maintain the energy efficiency of your windows. Polywood shutters have an energy efficiency 70% greater than regular wood and over 1600% than that of aluminum blinds.

Advantages of Polywood Shutters

  • Most energy efficient among available window treatments

  • Lifelong warranty against cracking, warping, or yellowing

  • Fantastic look in all decors

Disadvantages of Polywood Shutters

  • More expensive compared to the vinyl shutters

You may also want to consider that Polywood shutters are also a good choice for the environment. With more people wanting to make eco-friendly choices, you should know that over 50% of a tree is wasted in the making of wood shutters. Polywood, on the other hand, is manufactured from materials that can be recycled. This saves the forest and ensures oil reserves remain safe as it is a natural gas by-product, not one that is reliant on petroleum.

 Image of white shutters in a bedroom with light yellow walls

Order Polywood Shutters From Shutter of the Strand

Polywood shutters are designed from high-grade solid polymer guaranteeing excellent color retention, rigidity, and durability. Therefore, shutter louvers do not warp with time. In comparison, composite shutters are designed from pressed-board cores enveloped in polyvinyl. Peeling of the encapsulating vinyl is likely and accelerated in humid, wet, and hot environments. Therefore, for most people, Polywood is the superior option. Do you live in Florence, Charleston or Myrtle Beach? Visit Shutter of the Strand today to get your Polywood shutters anywhere in North and South Carolina!