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What Are the Benefits of Polywood Shutters?

Are you looking for shutters that are more durable than wood, but just as beautiful? If so, then we’d like to introduce you to Polywood® plantation shutters from Shutter of the Strand. Polywood shutters offer you the refined and rich look of wood shutters without the problems commonly associated with wood. For instance, they are resistant to fire and moisture, plus they also have better insulation capacity. Keep reading to learn about even more benefits of the Polywood shutters from Shutter of the Strand.

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Longer Lasting Compared To Other Shutters

Polywood not only performs better but it also lasts longer than regular wood shutters. That’s because Polywood shutters may look like wood, but they are actually manufactured from solid materials that are resistant to heat, moisture, termites, and more. They also work well in particularly humid areas where wood can easily become warped.

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Polywood Shutters Are Eco-Friendly Product

Polywood is also a good choice for the environment. If making more eco-friendly choices is high on your list, consider that over 50% of a tree is wasted in the making of wood shutters before they even reach your window. Polywood, on the other hand, is manufactured from materials that can be recycled. This saves the forest and ensures oil reserves remain safe as it is a natural gas by-product, not reliant on petroleum.

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Tailor-Made for Any Door/Window

Polywood shutters can be custom designed and made to fit all door and window sizes. Regardless of the architectural style of your windows, Polywood shutters will install perfectly and are easy to maintain. You have the choice of selecting frames that mount on the inside of your window opening or on the walls surrounding your window, and you can even have them installed on your sliding and French doors.

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Polywood Shutters Will Not Fade

Polywood shutters are finished with a special paint that will never fade. This finish has a UV coating which will keep your shutters looking like new — even when exposed to several hours of direct sunlight per day. The finish is smooth and durable, and is available in three different colors: off-white, bright white, and white.

If you’re looking for shutters that will add beauty and function to your windows for many years to come, we invite you to consider Polywood plantation shutters. They come with the best warranty in the business and will not crack, chip, split, or warp. Want to learn more or request a quote? Contact Shutter of the Strand for genuine moisture and fire-resistant Polywood shutters. We service homes all across North and South Carolina. Just search Plantation Shutters Charleston SC or Plantation Shutters Florence to find us near you!

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