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What Are Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters

Bi-Fold plantation shutters are a type of plantation shutter that can be used on windows or doors. They have hinges in the middle that allow them to be folded up and placed on either side of the door or window.

If they are on a door, they are on a track system, much like closet bi-fold doors, and slide to either side of the door, allowing one to open it. This is great for a patio door that lets in a lot of sunlight because the plantation shutters will help keep the heat out in the summer while still allowing you to enjoy the natural light.

On windows, they fold back on hinges so that they rest up against the wall. They do not fit well on large windows because of this; the shutters are often too heavy on large windows, causing the shutters to sag. They allow easy access to the window for cleaning and opening the window for a pleasant spring breeze.