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How to Paint Plantation Shutters

If your plantation shutters are in need of new life, instead of replacing them, try repainting them a different color to brighten up your home. Even if you want to change the color scheme of your home, plantation shutters can be a lifelong investment if you repair and renovate them yourself. Here is how:

Step 1: Remove shutters and hardware

After removing your shutters, be sure you label them so that you know what window and what side of the window they go to. This will ensure that your shutters are aligned correctly after you are finished painting. Also, be sure you know where the knobs and hardware go on the shutters.

Step 2: Sand your shutters

Use a fine-grit sandpaper to remove old paint. This will help create a better surface for the new paint to adhere to. After you have sanded your shutters, be sure to clean them to remove any sawdust or dirt so that your paint job is smooth.

Step 3: Temporarily hang shutters

Screw two temporary eye hooks into the top of the shutter. Then, using string, tie the hooks to a support of your choice so the shutters can swing freely. This will allow you to easily access the back and front of the shutters.

Step 4: Prime your shutters

Before you apply any paint, use a water-based primer. We recommend spray-painting your shutters to avoid drips and create a smoother finish. Using this technique, begin applying the primer:

Be sure to spray in one direction only. If you go left to right, continue spraying in that direction; don’t switch as you go through the process.

Open the louvers at a 45-degree angle and spray. Repeat this step at a 45-degree angle in the opposite direction. Now, open the louvers fully and spray in one continuous vertical motion. Repeat this step for the other side and the tilt rod.

Step 5: Paint your shutters

Allow the primer to dry fully. Then, using the same steps, apply the spray paint. Allow it to dry thoroughly before applying the second coat. Make sure to let your shutters dry completely before rehanging them. Replace all hardware and knobs.

Finally, you can install your plantation shutters, relax, and enjoy your new space!

Ready to Replace Your Plantation Shutters?

If you do think your plantation shutters are in need of replacing, then reach out to Shutters of the Strand today to explore our selection of plantation shutters, Polywood® shutters, and more!