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Types of Exterior Shutters

1. Board and Batten Shutters

Board and Batten Exterior Shutters give you a classic farmhouse look. This style has the look of multiple boards pieced together with either a ”Z” shape across the boards or one straight across to make it look like it is holding the shutter together. Framed Board Exterior Shutters are similar to Board and Batten Shutters, but instead of a “Z” or a board straight across the shutters, these styles are framed.

2. Paneled Exterior Shutters

There are a variety of styles of the paneled exterior shutters, but instead of louvers like classic plantation shutters have, this type has panels. There are diagonal panel exterior shutters, drop panel exterior shutters, and raised panel exterior shutters. Examples of all of these styles can be found on the exterior shutter page of The Plantation Shutter Co.

3. Louvered Exterior Shutters

This is the classic type of plantation shutters meaning they have the slats that go across the shutter. The Plantation Shutter Company has many different styles of louvered exterior shutters.

4. Arched and Angled Exterior Shutters

Arched plantation shutters will add more visual interest by adding an arch or a 45-degree angle to the top of the shutters. They come in louvered as well as paneled styles.

6. European Exterior and French Quarter Exterior Shutters

Also called Bermuda Shutters, Bahama Exterior this is another style of louvered shutters, but instead of going on either side of the window, they fit directly on the window and can be propped open to allow more light into your home.

These styles blend together paneled and louver style shutters to create one interesting look. European style has paneled ones on the top and louvered on the bottom, and French Quarter style shutters are the opposite, with louvers on the top, and paneling on the bottom.

To learn more about what types of exterior shutters Plantation Shutter Co. can offer, contact a representative today.