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How to Remove Plantation Shutters

There are a few occasions where you may need to remove your plantation shutters. Whether you’re replacing, repairing or cleaning, removing plantations shutters should be done carefully. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to safely remove your plantation shutters:

What You Will Need


Pry bar


Step 1: Locate hinges that attach the plantation shutters to the hanging strips.

Once located, open the plantation shutters all the way to access hinge screws. There will be at least one hinge in each of the four corners.

Step 2: Remove screws and hinges.


Using a screwdriver, remove screws attaching the plantation shutters to the hanging strips. Remove each shutter in one piece from the hanging strips. Some shutters may be attached to hinges by a hinge pin. If so, remove hinge pin to release the shutter from the hanging strips. NOTE: To avoid damaging hinge hardware, be sure to support the weight of the shutters while unscrewing each hinge. Next, remove all hinges from hanging strips.

Step 4: Check for any additional hardware attached to the wall.

There are a number of ways in which hanging strips may be fastened to the wall, most commonly they are attached with screws or nails. Locate where hanging strips are mounted to the wall and remove them using either a screwdriver, hammer, or pry bar depending on how they are mounted.


Remove it using the necessary tool. Fill in any holes in the wall with putty or spackle.

Now that you have removed your plantation shutters, you can learn how to paint your old shutters and/or install new shutters!