How to Paint Plantation Shutters

If you’re plantation shutters are in need of some new life, instead of getting them replaced, try painting them a different color to brighten up your home. Your plantation shutters can truly be a life long investment even if you want to change the color scheme of your room. Here is how you can paint yours

Painting Plantation Shutters

Preping your Shutters

a.     After removing your shutters, be sure you label them so that you know what window and what side of the window they go to. This will be sure that your shutters are aligned correctly after you are finished painting. Also be sure you know where the knobs and hardware go on the shutters also.

b.     Sand the shutters with a fine grit sandpaper so that they paint will stick to the shutter better.  After you have them sanded, be sure to clean them so that they paint will be smooth and not have sand dust ruining the paint job.

c.      Hang your plantation shutters using temporary screws and string so that the shutters can swing freely, and you can easily access the fronts and backs of the shutter


Painting Plantation Shutters 

 a.     Before you apply any paint, you will want to prime your shutters so that the paint will stay and last longer.  

b.     Spray-painting your shutters will have the best finish. It is a better way to prevent drips and give you a smooth finish, and be sure to spray in one direction only. If you go left to right, do not switch to right to light, etc.

c.      Start with primer, and open the louvers at a 45 degree angle and spray, and then in a 45 degree angle in the opposite direction and spray. Then you will want to open them fully and spray in one continuous vertical motion. Repeat this step for the other side, and the tilt rod.

d.     Then allow the primer to dry completely, and then begin painting using the same instructions as above.


Be sure you give the paint ample time to dry before you hang your freshly painted plantation shutters, you don’t want to ding them after all of that hard work. 

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