Can Plantation Shutters Weather a Hailstorm?

Can Plantation Shutters Weather a Hailstorm?

When many homeowners see expensive homes damaged by hail, they often question how they can prevent this from happening to their property. With the help of The Plantation Company, your Charleston home can preserve its windows in harsh situations. Plantation shutters are able to stand up to the elements while being functional, attractive, and stylish. Here is how they can protect your home’s exterior:


Polywood® Shutters Are Tough

Polywood® plantation shutters are known for being some of the most resilient window treatments on the market today. They are capable of weathering just about any kind of climate, including those that are more prone to hailstorms. Manufactured from a solid material that is both impervious to moisture and fire, Polywood® shutters are extremely strong so you can feel comfortable that your windows and exteriors are protected. For the best plantation shutters Charleston has to offer, explore our Polywood® selection.


Doesn’t Have the Same Pitfalls as Typical Wood

Unlike other shutters made from traditional run-of-the-mill wood, Polywood® plantation shutters are guaranteed not to distort from moisture. This is particularly important for plantation shutters exterior and outside your home. If you are concerned about the possibility of a Charleston hailstorm, then our plantation shutters are what you need. With no fracturing, warping, or splitting, you can feel comfortable with this heavy-duty, moisture-resistant protection.


Protect Your Windows

Not only do our products at The Plantation Company withstand and weather the hazards of hailstorms, but they also protect other aspects of your home. Stronger than other window treatments, with exterior plantation shutters, you can shield your windowpane from aggressive hailstones. Rather than worrying about broken windows, relax in the reassurance that they are not exposed behind your shutters’ protection.


Visit Your Charleston Shutter Company

While most Charleston homeowners purchase plantation shutters in order to hide their windows behind decorative panels, you can't ignore the fact that plantation shutters do provide some level of hail damage protection during storms. Since hailstones typically measure around 2 inches wide or less, they're unlikely to cause serious damage to your home's exterior when protected by plantation shutters. When you shop with Shutters of the Strand, you are getting shutters that are constructed of sturdy material that can shield windows against flying debris or objects. This adds an extra layer of protection for your windows.

If you’d like to learn more about our exterior plantation shutters and all of the ways they can improve your home, please contact us today. We are proud to be the Charleston shutter company that you can trust. We look forward to hearing from you!

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