The Plantation Shutter Company offers a wide range of blinds that are manufactured from a variety of materials and come in a wide range of colors. We offer blinds suitable for those that are extremely budget conscious to premium blinds that are a fit for any fashion conscious home owner. The full range includes metal, hardwood and faux wood blinds, and we also supply a range of vertical blinds.

Our blinds will be custom-made to fit your window spaces, and the size of an individual blind can be anything from 8” to 96” wide and as long as 126”. The classic blind has a 2” deep slat, but they are also available with a 1” slat and a 2.5” shutterblind. Each individual blind comes with a hand finished wooden valence. The blinds can be operated with a Continuous Cord Loop System, which opens, closes and adjusts the angle of the slats.

Hardwood Blinds: The Plantation Shutter Company’s hardwood blinds are manufactured from top quality Basswood, known to some as Limewood. With six designs and some 70 finishes, there is a combination to fit any décor. The blinds can be fully motorized and finished with custom tapes in lieu of the braided ladders, which are standard fittings.

Faux Wood Blinds: The Plantation Company’s faux wood blinds are manufactured from a water resistant wood composite. They are cheaper than our hardwood blinds, and are perfect for coastal areas where there is high humidity. Like the hardwood blinds, they come in a variety of different designs and colors, and can be upgraded from the standard hand operated blinds to a fully motorized blind. The blinds can be finished with twill tapes of your choice rather than the standard braided ladders.

Vertical Blinds: Our selection of vertical blinds come in as many as 200 luxuriant colors and textures. The vanes can be vinyl, fabric or S-shaped. Ask about our Touchglide head rail system with BackStacker, which allows the vanes to be pushed to one side, giving a completely clear view of a scenic exterior.

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