arched plantation shutters

Shutters for Arched Windows

Arched Plantation Shutters work with your arched windows that let the afternoon sun in. Keep the heat out in the summer and inside for the winter by getting plantation shutters for those windows. Arched plantation shutters can help you save energy and lower your utility bills. In this blog post, we will be discussing the main types of plantation shutters for arched windows. Keep reading to learn more about them and if you have any questions or want to add plantation shutters to your arched windows, get a free estimate today from The Plantation Shutter Company.


There are two types of arched plantation shutters for windows that are semi-circle shaped:

1. Sunburst Style Arched Shutters

Unlike the classic plantation shutters style, sunburst-style arched window shutters have slats that come up from the bottom, giving them the look of sunbeams. This is the perfect way to add a little style or flair to your window treatments and house’s exterior.

2. Standard Style Arched Shutters

The standard style, like classic and traditional plantation shutters, has slats that go straight across the arched window, mimicking what classic plantation shutters look like. You can still adjust the slats to let in or keep amount any amount of light you prefer.

Other types of arched plantation shutters are for windows that have an arch at the top. These allow your shutters to fit seamlessly into the whole window. They have the classic plantation shutter look with slats that go straight across the window and can be adjusted to let whatever amount of light you would like into your home. These arched plantation shutters can also be used for the exterior of your home to add style and a pop of color to the outside of your home.

Are you interested in adding arched window shutters to your home? The Plantation Shutter Company can help! Our knowledgeable team is committed to helping our customers find the perfect plantation shutters for their homes. We work with you to create custom-made plantation shutters that will work for your arched windows and fit with the design of your home, your needs, and your wants. With our high-quality products and customer service, you can trust us to install them correctly so you can start saving more on your utility or energy bills while adding style to your home. If you are interested in adding arched window shutters or custom plantation shutters to your home, get a free estimate today!