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Rolling Hurricane Shutters

When researching types of plantation shutters for your home, you may want to look into the advantages of installing rolling hurricane shutters if your home is along the coast. They offer various advantages from storm protection to energy efficiency.

If your home is right along the coast, there are plenty of advantages of having rolling hurricane shutters. They can protect your home from damaging wind and debris that is flying about in a hurricane. Rolling hurricane shutters also help to protect your carpets and furniture from sun damage as well as adding security to your home.

They also help your home to be more energy efficient by keeping cold air out of your home in the winter and the heat out in the summer. Rolling shutters also have an advantage of reducing noise levels from outside, giving you a more relaxing time while you are home. You can still control the amount of light that comes through your shutters, but when they are completely closed you have total privacy from the outside world.

Rolling hurricane shutters are installed by attaching a box to the outside of your home, above the window frame. To put them down, one must do so using a crank. If you would prefer not to have a crank, you can have motorized rolling shutters that allow you to put them down with the push of a button.