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Plantation Shutters Vs Roman Shades

Plantation shutters and roman shades are two window covering trends that never seem to go out of fashion. If you’re torn between contacting a window shutter company or a shades seller, this post is for you. We will discuss how plantation shutters and Roman shades hold up against one another, and which one would suit your needs the best.

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Image of an exterior plantation shutter.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Roman Shades

A key benefit of getting roman shades is that they come in all sorts of styles and designs. People with eclectic tastes can pick any design of their choice so it matches the vibe of their house. Another benefit is that roman shades are very affordable and lightweight.

Roman shades do require lots of maintenance. They get dirty easily and therefore require regular dusting and cleaning. If you don’t maintain them daily, they wear out and get stained. Additionally, roman shades don't go well with rooms of all sorts, for instance, kitchens. Since they’re made from fabric, they can become stained when in humidity rooms or climates.

Image of a couple relaxing with plantation shutters on thei window.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Plantation Shutters

On the other hand, we have shutters. One main benefit of getting them is that they are available in both interior and exterior options. They complement lighting and ensure privacy. Thus, they’re perfect not only for indoors but outdoors as well. Additionally, shutters are super easy to maintain. They rarely collect dust or wear out, but if need be, you can use a wet cloth. And, if they ever become damaged, Shutter of the Strand can provide expert plantation shutter repair services.

The only real disadvantage of shutters in comparison to roman shades is probably that they may cost slightly more than upfront. However, this is made up for by being virtually maintenance-free and long lasting.

Image of an exterior plantation shutter.

Which One Is Better?

As we’ve mentioned, while roman shades may be cheaper in price and feature many designs, they pale in comparison to plantation shutters. Roman shades require maintenance, they don’t work well with hot areas like kitchens, and they get stained easily. On the other hand, it’s very easy to clean shutters and they work seamlessly with all styles of rooms. In addition, they can increase your house’s value by improving privacy, security, and curb appeal.

Image of interior plantation shutters.

The Top-Rated Plantation Shutter Company

After comparing the pros and cons of both roman shades and plantation shutters, the latter emerges victorious. They are simply a better window covering solution. If you’re looking for a reliable window shutter company, look no further than Shutter of the Strand. Reach out to us today to get started.