Do Plantation Shutters Help in a Hurricane?

Do Plantation Shutters Help in a Hurricane?

If you're a homeowner in a hurricane-prone area, then you know all about the costly repairs these damaging storms can inflict on your home. With plantation shutters, you can protect one of the most vulnerable areas, your windows. Shutters of the Strand has been helping homeowners in North and South Carolina find the shutters they need to protect their homes for over 30 years. Read more about how our shutters can protect you during a hurricane, then contact us to get started.

White Victorian era looking shutters

An Ancient Defense Against Storms

Plantation shutters have been used since ancient Greece, where they were originally crafted from natural stone. They were not only used to increase ventilation and let in more light, but also to protect from a variety of dangerous weather. These shutters evolved over time until they took on the design we are familiar with today. Though their look may have changed, plantation shutters still serve the same purpose, to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

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They Help Maintain the Homes' Integrity

When the wind blows your windows in, the debris and moisture are not the only things to be concerned about. Broken windows during a hurricane can cause the air pressure in your home to rise, putting even more strain on the building, and potentially causing the roof to fail. By protecting your windows with plantation shutters, you can help keep your windows in one piece and air pressure in the home remains balanced.

green plantation shutters dripping with rain

Securing Your Windows

If you live in hurricane territory, then it's essential to have some form of window securing system installed to protect your windows from strong winds and debris. Plantation shutters are a great option for this as they are installed directly into your window frame, making them an incredibly effective window treatment. Their variety of sizes, shapes, and materials means that not only can you find a plantation shutter for even the most unique windows, but you can have them customized to match the aesthetic of your home.

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Professional Opinion

When you get your plantation shutters from Shutters of the Strand, you also get the expert advice of our experienced team. We've been helping homeowners in the Carolinas find the right shutters for their homes for over three decades, and we can help you too. We'll take into consideration your location and your personal aesthetic needs before recommending the right material and design that we believe will not only protect your house but give it the final touches it needs to look like a home.

Don't wait until it's too late, make sure your home is prepared for hurricane season with plantation shutters from Shutters of the Strand. We'll help you choose the right style and size for your windows and ensure that they're installed properly. If you're ready to get started on protecting your home with plantation shutters, then get a free estimate today!