Polywood Plantation Shutters Recycling Program

Shutter Recycling

The Plantation Shutter Company is unique from other shutter companies because we offer a shutter recycle program. This program is only valid for Polywood shutters that have been supplied by the Plantation Shutter Company. Should you ever be in the position of wanting to change your Polywood shutters, or even just want to remove them, we will undertake the collection of the old shutters from your premises. Depending on their condition, we will both restore and re-use them, or we will re-grind them for later use. Either way, the old shutters will no longer end up in a landfill, thus being environmentally friendly.

There is a simple procedure for arranging a pickup of your old Polywood shutters:
• First, you should remove the old shutters from your windows. If you want us to do that for you, it will be at your expense.
• Call the Plantation Shutter Company at 1-800-922-9572 to organize the pick-up. Our representative will ask that you place the old shutters on the curb outside your home on the morning of the pick-up.

That’s it – you have nothing further to do.