Polywood Plantation Shutters

The Plantation Shutter Company specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of Polywood Plantation Shutters. These shutters have been installed in some of the top designer homes in the Carolinas since 1987, when the company was founded. Once installed, Polywood Shutters enhance both the aesthetic and the real value of a home. They are an option that should definitely be at the top of your consideration list if you are either building a new home or renovating an old one. 

With Polywood, you not only get the rich look of fine wood, but more importantly, you do not get the inherent problems of wood.  Polywood simply performs better and lasts longer than traditional wood shutters.  Our Polywood Plantation Shutters are manufactured from a solid material that is resistant to both moisture and fire, and they cannot be penetrated by termites. They are as much as 70% more efficient in insulation than solid wooden shutters, 1600% more efficient than aluminum blinds and are extremely strong. They are guaranteed not to distort or fracture, and during manufacturing have been tested against UL light and stabilized against UV light. This means that there is no chance of the fitted shutters becoming discolored. Their moisture resistant property makes them ideal for fitting into a bathroom or kitchen, and means that they can be used in humid coastal regions without any fear of becoming distorted by chipping, cracking, warping or splitting. Polywood not only adds beauty to the interior of your home, it also conserves energy in ways that no other window treatment can. 

The manufacturers of Polywood cares about the environment and their products are extremely earth friendly.  Wood shutters waste more than 50% of a tree before it gets to your window; however, Polywood is made from a recyclable material.  Not only does Polywood save the forest, it protects our oil reserves, as it is a by-product of natural gas, not petroleum.

Polywood shutters can be designed and manufactured to fit any size window or door. Whether you have an arch, octagon, circle, radius top, etc-if you name it-we've already installed it to custom fit and perform flawlessly.  You can even have Polywood shutters installed on French doors, as well as sliding doors.  There are a number of frame options for windows, which you can see on our gallery page.  You can choose from frames that mount inside the window opening, or frames that mount on the wall around the window.  Our experienced representative can show you the best options for your home.  Polywood is also easy to maintain and clean.  All you have to do is dust it or wipe it with a damp cloth.

The Louvers on the shutters that are manufactured by the Plantation Shutter Company come in three sizes:

• 2.5” (Colonial Style)
• 3.5” (Traditional Plantation size)
• 4.5” (gives the best view of the exterior)

Polywood has a special baked-on paint finish with UV coating that it will never fade.  It comes in a smooth finish in three colors: White, Off-White and Bright White. See colors and finishes in the options gallery below. Polywood can also be painted without sanding. Visit the Polywood Painting Process page for more details.

Polywood shutters come with the best warranty in the business in covering any manufacturing defects, finishes, workmanship, and installation for life. Our comprehensive warranty is backed by our 35+ years of experience in the shutter industry.

Proper installation is essential, and as important as the product itself.  An installation date will be arranged that is suitable to both parties. The installation is carried out by a Plantation Shutter Company professional installation crew, who will make sure that each and every shutter is correctly fitted, and is operating correctly before leaving your premises.

Call and make an appointment for one of our professionals to come out to your premises for a quotation. Note that The Plantation Shutter Company is the exclusive dealer of Polywood Shutters in North and South Carolina. Also, remember to look for the Polywood trademark because while others may call themselves Polywood, there is only one real Polywood product line.

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