Polywood Insulation System

When considering a home’s insulation, it is common knowledge that windows are high on the list of culprits for heat loss or gain. Much of a home’s energy costs are due to air conditioning in summer and heating in winter. Having your windows treated will, in the long run, save you a great deal of money, especially as energy prices seem to be on a never-ending upward spiral. The Plantation Shutter Company's Polywood Shutter Insulation System is unmatched when it comes to energy efficiency.

Polywood Shutters are manufactured from a composite that has excellent thermal insulation properties. They are manufactured so as to be an exact fit into your window spaces and are installed over the windows. The side weather strips make them completely airtight when closed effectively, providing added insulation around the window. Ultra Violet inhibitors are built into the make-up of the shutter during manufacturing, both in the solid material and into the baked paint finish. Polywood shutters will insulate your room from direct sunshine even on the hottest of days.

Polywood Shutters save energy and are advantageous in a number of ways. They will/are:
• Prevent the flow of air through a window
• Lower your energy bills
• Have a higher R-value than any other shutter on the market
• Reduce heat transfer in hot climates by more than 45%
• 70% more efficient than wooden shutters
• Resistant to moisture and humidity
• Certified as being fire resistant
• Never warp, chip or crack
• Resistant to termites

The Plantation Shutter Company’s Polywood Shutters not only give you major savings on your energy bill, they will also add both aesthetic and real value to your home. Enjoy complete control over the temperature of your rooms, the amount of light entering, as well as your privacy. They are also effective noise suppressors. Polywood Shutters carry a Lifetime Warranty that covers any flaw in their finish, installation or manufacturing.



If you purchased the Polywood Shutter Insulating System and you're filing 2015 taxes, follow the information beow to apply for the credit.  If you have questions about your shutter tax credit, please contact your tax professional. 


For the 2015 credit, you must have purchased and had us intall the Polywood Shutter Insulating System for your existing home between January 1, 2015 and Decembr 31, 2015.

Print the Polywood 2015 Manufacturer's Certification Satetement.  Fill out the information on the certificate.

Attach your sales receipt that shows the amount paid for the product.

Pring and complete the IRS form 5695 and take all items to you tax preparer for submission.

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