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It can be a hassle deciding on window coverings. It’s not as easy as everybody might think before they own their own home. There are many different types of window coverings, for both the exterior and interior of your home. Shades, blinds, and shutters can seem pretty similar until you look into the differences they can make for your home in lighting and privacy control, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. In Winston Salem, the Plantation Shutter Company wants to be the company to build, customize, and install your window coverings. Learn more about the different coverings below, and reach out to us today!

What Plantation Offers Customers in Winston Salem:

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Blinds — Blinds are an interior window covering that can go a long way towards making your house feel more complete. A house without even blinds for window coverings just feels incomplete. That’s because blinds are the functional covering that most people depend on to control the lighting in their home and to increase their privacy. Easy to use and clean, The Plantation Shutter Company has both horizontal and vertical blinds to choose from, that also come in a wide range of materials and finishes. Whether you’re outfitting a warehouse or a home with a rustic or beachy design, we have best blinds in North Carolina for you.

Shades — Shades are an interior window covering, similar to blinds, however, shades typically only open up, feature cloth or woven materials, and are completely opaque. Shades are great for homeowners who take their interior design seriously, although they may miss the easy cleaning and use of blinds. The type of material you use will help determine whether blinds or shades are more energy efficient. Shades come in a variety of styles, like roll-up, roman, and woven woods. Your home will help determine the best option for you.

Plantation Shutters — Plantation shutters are one of the best window coverings out there, and we make the best plantation shutters. Fully customized to you, our plantation shutters give free range to control light and privacy as much as possible with hinged sections that open and close and slats that you can open similarly to how blinds would. With their tight seal to your door frame, they’ll keep cold and hot air out of your home as well. Plus, with a large range of colors and different materials to choose from, you can get the shutters that best match your home and design!

Exterior Shutters — Exterior shutters are a great addition to any home, both for exterior value and protection. They come in a wide range, from simple cosmetic options like raised panel shutters to Board-and-Batten shutters that offer weather protection and a rustic look. While most inland shutters are thought of cosmetically, if you make good use of yours, you can save energy and have protection from any storms that might kick up.

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