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At the Plantation Shutter Company, we’ve been helping homeowners all over North and South Carolina find the best window coverings for their homes and taste for years. From blinds, shades, and plantation shutters to the strongest exterior shutters, we have all the window coverings you need to get maximum privacy and lighting control, better energy efficiency, an enhanced aesthetic, and even enhanced safety in a storm! Reach out to the plantation shutter company in Wilson for your next blinds, shades, or shutter installation!

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Our Window Coverings for You In Wilson

Exterior Shutters — When it comes to exterior shutters, there’s a wide range of options. From the almost fully cosmetic option of a raised panel shutter to hinged, louvered and Board-and-Batten shutters, and even storm shutters like Bermuda or hurricane shutters, we carry it all and we’ve seen good uses of each. If you’re accenting a modern home and not worried about storms, then a raised panel option will do just fine, if you have a more classical home or one susceptible to flying debris during storms, then a more functional option may be for you.

Blinds — Blinds are interior window coverings that are defined as “hard window coverings,” because they are made out of hard materials such as aluminum, metal, hardwood, polywood, and plastic. They provide ease of use and easy cleaning. Simply wipe them down to clean them and raise them up or open the slats when you need more daylight. Blinds come in many materials and colors from the plantation shutter company.

Shades — Shades are similar to, and sometimes confused with blinds. However, they are not one-in-the-same. The biggest difference between shades and blinds are their material, their functionality, and their aesthetic appeal. Shades are considered “soft window coverings,” and they’re typically made out of fabric, and more recently woven-wood and bamboo, that is completely opaque. Shades do provide more for interior design when matched with certain designs, but they’re not as easy to clean or durable as blinds.

Plantation Shutters — Plantation shutters are our favorite type of interior window covering, and they offer the most in terms of functionality when it comes to deciding between blinds, shades, or plantation shutters. Plantation shutters, especially those fully customized by Plantation, allow you to open up as much or as little of your covering as possible. With both slats and hinged sections, you can filter light and block prying eyes, or open up the hinged shutters to let the light and the view.

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Leland McKeithen is the customer sales representative in Wilson, NC. Leland has had the pleasure of calling the Triangle home for almost two decades. Originally from Pinehurst, NC, Leland is actively involved in the community and likes any activity that gets him outside. He and his wife Ashley reside in Northwest Raleigh and enjoy participating in many local cultural enrichment activities. Call Leland for a free in-home consultation for Plantation Shutters or a variety of window covering options.

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