Types of Plantation Shutters

 When you are looking for plantation shutters for your home, there are various types that you have to choose from.  Learning about the types of plantation shutters can  help you to make the best decision on which would be best for you and your lifestyle.

 Rolling Hurricane Shutters

 Rolling hurricane shutters are great for houses along the coast. They not only offer protection from debris and water damage caused by storms, but they also offer  added security to your home. The rolling shutters are installed by placing a box above the window frame and can be lowered down with a crank or a motor. 

 Arched Plantation Shutters

 Arched plantation shutters fit those pesky arched windows to help you reduce your energy bills by keeping the sun out in the hot summer months. There are two  types of arched plantation shutters: sunburst style, and standard style. The sunburst Style has slats that go around the arch creating a look of rays beaming from a  sun. The standard style is the classic, Plantation Shutter style that goes straight across the arched window.

 Exterior Plantation Shutters

 Unlike the Arched Plantation Shutters, Exterior Plantation Shutters are fixed to the outer sides of the window. If you would like to add color to your home, exterior  shutters are the perfect way to do so. They come in various designs to fit your style, and The Plantation Shutter Company uses a heat protective paint in order to  keep them as vibrant as the day you got them.

 Double Hung Plantation Shutters

Double hung plantation shutters are two separate shutters that are stacked on top of one another to allow you to control the top and the bottom shutter differently.    The louvers  and the shutters itself are independent of one another. So, if you would like to open to the top shutters completely while leaving the bottom ones closed  for privacy, you could do  so with double hung shutters. 

Bi-fold Plantation Shutters

 Bi-fold plantation shutters have a hinge in the middle to allow you to fold them together and then back against the wall so that you can have an open the window  without having  the shutters in your way. They are great for sliding glass doors because they allow you to be able to access the door while still having the advantages  of having plantation  shutters.

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