Southern Shutters in Modern Design

Adding Style to Your HomePlantation Shutters have strong roots embedded in the history of the American South.

Making their first appearance in The South when America became colonized by the Spanish, these distinctively designed window trimmings were very popular in mansions on cotton and sugar plantations.

Though shutters are suitable for any style house and have been integrated into architecture around the world, the name became so associated with the style and sophistication of Southern plantation mansions that it stuck. When thinking of the phrase “plantation shutters”, you probably conjures image of people strolling down a magnolia-lined dirt road towards a grandiose southern plantation mansion with a wraparound porch and those iconic shutters, only to discover the house owners inviting them to “sit a spell” and enjoy an ice cold glass of sweet tea.

Despite this somewhat accurate but altogether stereotypical association, plantation shutters continue to be present in modern architecture and design across the country.

Shutters were originally used exclusively as a means to protect windows from weather and other outdoor extremities and, although they still serve this basic function, they have evolved into a way to make a bold statement about your domicile and are seen as both functional and decorative.

At The Plantation Shutter Company, our goal is to provide a stylish, suitable shutter to compliment your décor and provide you with the protection and flexibility that you seek. With a wide range of designs and materials, we are confident that we have just the unique shutters you are looking for to evoke that same feeling of sophistication and style.

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