How To Protect Your Home From Hurricanes: A Guide To Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane season can bring whipping winds, torrential downpours, power outages, and flooding. If you live along the coast in the South, it is important to know how to protect your house from damage before the storm hits. Hurricane shutters remain the most economical solution to secure your window opening, although hurricane-proof glass has become more popular. Here is a list of the pros and cons of different types of shutters to defend your house from the next hurricane. ... Read More »

How to Paint Plantation Shutters

How to Paint Plantation Shutters If your plantation shutters are in need of new life, instead of replacing them, try repainting them a different color to brighten up your home. Even if you want to change the color scheme of your home, plantation shutters can be a lifelong investment if you repair and renovate them yourself. Here is how. ... Read More »

Difference in Window Shade Types

Types of Window Shades The Plantation Shutter Company has a variety of blinds and shades for you to choose from. Learn more about the different types and textures that we carry. ... Read More »

What Are Bahama Exterior Shutters?

What are Bahama exterior shutters? Bahama plantation shutters, also known as Bermuda shutters, are popular in the Caribbean because of the sun protection that they offer. Bahama exterior shutters are push-out shutters that just lift away from the window. ... Read More »

What Are Bi-Fold Plantation Shutters

Bi-Fold plantation shutters can be used on windows or doors. They have hinges in the middle that allow them to be folded up and placed on either side of the door or window. ... Read More »

What Are Double Hung Plantation Shutters?

Double hung plantation shutters, or tier on tier plantation shutters, give you the freedom of being able to open and close half of the window at a time. This gives you more freedom to create the perfect amount of light in your home. ... Read More »

Types of Exterior Shutters

Types of Exterior Shutters Plantation shutters aren’t just for the inside of a home. They can add a pop of color and texture to the exterior of your house as well. There are many different styles of exterior shutters. The Plantation Shutter Company has plenty to choose from so you can find the perfect style to compliment your home. ... Read More »

Shutters for Arched Windows

Arched Shutters Arched Plantation Shutters work with your arched windows that let the afternoon sun in. Keep the heat out in the summer and inside for the winter by getting plantation shutters for those windows. Arched plantation shutters can help you save energy and lower your utility bills. ... Read More »

Rolling Hurricane Shutters

When researching types of plantation shutters for your home, you may want to look into the advantages of installing rolling hurricane shutters if your home is along the coast. They offer various advantages from storm protection to energy efficiency. ... Read More »

Types of Plantation Shutters

When you are looking for plantation shutters for your home, there are various types that you have to choose from. Learning about the types of plantation shutters can help you to make the best decision on which would be best for you and your lifestyle. ... Read More »

Repairing Plantation Shutters

Over time, you may notice that your plantation shutters are in need of a few repairs. Luckily, these repairs are often minor and can be fixed easily without the need of a specialist. To help you assess and repair your damaged plantation shutters, here is a list of some common repairs done on plantation shutters and easy instructions on how to fix them ... Read More »

How to Remove Plantation Shutters

There are a few occasions where you may need to remove your plantation shutters. Whether you’re replacing, repairing or cleaning, removing plantations shutters should be done carefully. Here are the steps you will need to follow in order to safely remove your plantation shutters: ... Read More »

How to Measure for Plantation Shutters

When measuring for plantation shutters, there are some simple steps you need to follow to be certain the shutters ordered are the correct size for the window. ... Read More »

How to Clean Plantation Shutters

Everyone loves the way their plantation shutters look when they are first installed, and keeping them looking that way will require some regular cleaning. There are a few different ways to clean plantation shutters based on the type of shutter that you have. ... Read More »

Where should you buy plantation shutters?

In this age of the internet it can be tempting to simply go to your favorite online retailer, shop around a bit and then hit “buy.” Unfortunately that can be a risky way to go about buying plantation shutters. ... Read More »

What Are Plantation Shutters?

What are plantation shutters? It may sound like a simple question but while many people could probably pick the plantation shutters out of a line-up, they might not be able to tell you exactly what makes them different from other kinds of shutters. ... Read More »

History of Plantation Shutters

Many associate traditional plantation shutters with the historical height of the south, reminiscing about old plantations and huge, grandiose mansions. Although plantation shutters did gain their popularity and unique style during this time, shutters in general date back to ancient Greece. ... Read More »

Southern Shutters in Modern Design

Plantation Shutters have strong roots embedded in the history of the American South. ... Read More »

The Best Plantation Shutters

Are you are looking for a company that offers top quality window treatments at a competitive price and fosters your relationship with them for the life of their product? Well look no further! ... Read More »

The Value of Plantation Shutters

Black Shutters add a dramatic element to the sleek modern look of this dining room, while providing maximum privacy and energy efficiency. Electric bills continue to rise, and replacing old windows can be expensive. Plantation Shutters are a great alternative solution for saving money when it comes to those high energy bills. ... Read More »